Total Area 13,293 sq.m. (143,086 sq.ft.)
Number of Floors 7
Typical Floor Area 1,724 sq.m. (18,557 sq.ft.)


Total Area 2,872 sq.m. (30,914 sq.ft.)
Number of Floors 4
Typical Floor Area 620 sq.m. (6,674 sq.ft.)


Total Area 4,155 sq.m. (44,724 sq.ft.)
Number of Floors 3
Typical Floor Area 1,360 sq.m (14,639 sq.ft)

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Miesian Plaza makes a powerful statement at street level, with an impressive individual style that befits a development of this stature. It complements the surrounding area without dominating it. It is a focal point on one of Dublin’s best-known streets. The complex has been highly acclaimed for its architectural quality. The buildings are designed in a clearly recognisable modern architectural style yet sit comfortably within the grain of the city, in particular in the way they address the scale and line of the Georgian streetscape on Lower Baggot Street. The buildings are arranged around a central plaza that unifies the development and creates a unique sense of place. The Miesian Plaza development is a listed development with the façade and plaza specifically identified as elements of outstanding architectural merit by the planning authorities.