It’s no secret that Dublin is a hub for startups and innovation. From global giants like Google and Facebook which began as startups that have now set up headquarters in the city, to small independent startups, Dublin is home to it all. This means people choose Dublin as a place to start a business, study and learn more about tech, with a focus on providing platforms for learning more about technology, networking and how to grow your business with investment, funding and the support of government initiatives.

This has lead to the ongoing development of a vibrant and innovative business culture in and around Dublin, which Miesian Plaza, as part of its redevelopment, is very much a part of due to its accessibility and proximity to all of the tech events happening in the city:

  1. Uprise

Uprise Festival is clear about not positioning itself as a conference, but more of an informal event focused on sharing inspiration and giving new startups a platform to showcase themselves. Focused on a wide European market, Uprise caters to those looking to build their business and learn new skills outside of traditional conferences, which focus mainly on keynote speakers, and sometimes don’t lend themselves to small companies looking to get ahead. Uprise, in that sense, is particularly focused on helping young companies grown, and is the largest startup festival in Europe.

Uprise was started in Amsterdam by Irishman Paul O’ Connell, and the festival has grown in leaps and bounds since its debut in March 2016. In contrast to traditional tech conferences, which do provide scope for informal networking, at Uprise there are no speakers, only a series of events and workshops, as well as an open space for startups to showcase themselves at a stand. One of the most celebrated parts of the event is a pitch battle, in which international and Irish startups “battle” it out in a series of knockout rounds to decide who is the most convincing at selling their startup idea.

2. SaaStock

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) events are becoming an important event on the international tech events calendar as the industry continues to grow. As businesses grow online and via the cloud, there are many challenges that face the SaaS industry, which mean there are also opportunities in the B2B market for businesses to fill gaps where traditional client-customer relationships have changed. For example, now that people engage with cloud services without having to interact with a person, there is now an important role to fill between Sales and Customer Support: what is called Customer Success.

What differentiates SaaStock from other more general startup events is the fact that it is specifically focused on the B2B market, which creates a slightly more focused environment for businesses to network with each other based on the needs of the SaaS industry, which is growing in Dublin, with the benefit of being able to meet investors and engage with prospects. After a successful event in Dublin last month, SaaStock will take place again in Dublin 2017.

3. Node

We talk about physical architecture on this blog, but information architecture is defining the way we live and work, without bricks and mortar, but with coding and technical skills that are shifting the way we access information for all kinds of applications, including the way we access services online. While there are global companies that dominate the software industry, such as Microsoft, there is also a lot of support for open source applications, which are by nature very innovative as they allow for people to engage with the software in a way that isn’t possible with other limited access applications.

Node.js is one example of an open source application that is used to build web servers and other applications through Javascript code, and which has developed a large community following, so much so that there are now regular events to bring Node.js users together to discuss ideas and get to know the community. Node Conference takes place just outside of Dublin this year, in Kilkenny, which although not in the city itself, definitely provides an easy access point for Dubliners and visitors to engage in information sharing about the kinds of software innovation that can change the way we access and develop information online.

4. re-publica

A Berlin-based community of digital thinkers, re-publica has held successful events since its inception in 2007, and is now expanding to other European countries with an upcoming one-day event in Dublin. The event is focused not only on tech innovation, but also the societal change that comes with this kind of innovation, including a discussion of net politics.

While the Dublin event is going to be smaller and more intimate than previous events, re-publica’s aim with this event is to expand the organisation’s network and grow the community in other European countries. With Dublin such a hub of tech innovation, it makes sense that it would be the first port of call in growing the digital community.


Design thinking isn’t a new term, but it’s gaining prominence as design becomes more and more important in the development of products and customer experience. This design extends to user interface (UX) design, but also to the design of organisations themselves. Various speakers will be discussing topics that range from the importance of design in customer experience to how you design your team, which is the focus of the UXDX event, titled: “The Team Behind the Product”.

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